MacroArt is the process of creating small, hand-rendered art, scanning it, and enlarging it for print or web based applications.

1. paint

2. scan

3. sell

Create lobby-sized artwork with your desktop scanner
and sell to a global community of art buyers

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    Explore new techniques: MacroArt allows artists to get paid to play with new mediums, techniques, and color combinations on a small scale before applying them to your larger work.
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    Budget friendly: Creating artwork smaller than 8.5”x11” is an efficient way to produce dynamic imaging that you can publish without compromising or competing with the artwork you create for galleries and shows
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    Learn new skills: By creating MacroArt, you will gain an understanding of tone, texture, composition, color combinations, and ways to present your artwork that will take your career to the next level.
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    Make money: Unlike publishers that pay artists 10% after ‘costs’, Abstract Resource commissions start at 35% and move up to 50% based on how many images you have uploaded to the site. As you move up in commission, so does your status, providing you with features in promotions and exposure to more markets. There are monthly challenges with cash prizes, and kickbacks for meeting sales goals.

Placements include: