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Sell digital files of abstract imaging to a global community of art buyers. Publish your work today.

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    Get paid to play with paint without compromising your gallery work. Our system helps artists create dynamic, large format image files that can be purchased throughout the world. In about an hour, using very few supplies and a desktop scanner, you can create lobby-sized imaging.

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Who do we sell to?
Art consultants, interior decorators, ad agencies, illustrators, and graphic artists need visual textures for their design.

Designers in a variety of fields understand art and how to use imaging to transform a design or enhance a space, but do not have the resources or skill set to create the art. With advancements in printing technology, designers and art consultants are no longer limited to canvas or paper – wood, acrylic, glass, silk, metal, and vinyl are all available to incorporate into their design, they just need art. Make some extra cash and watch your work change their world.

Here are a few examples of how buyers use MacroArt

Placements include: